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Understanding my social capital is quite fun to do

Those who follow me know that I am fairly active on Twitter and this blog. I decided to focus my blog very strictly around Microsoft Virtualization, Hyper-V, System Center, HP Server, Storage, Cluster and Cloud. On the other hand there is very little news about my personal life. Well maybe just the occasional exception to this rule. If I want to share something I use Facebook, but admittedly I use that sparingly. I also closed down my FourSquare account as I couldn’t think of a valid reason to use it, at least not for what I want to use social media for. There is one opportunity to get to know me a little better: the recent video interview with me by Carsten Rachfahl. We are also planning an interview with the entire team by the way.

A few blogs back I introduced a site called the Archivist which saves and analyzes tweets. It then visualizes them in pretty graphic representations.


We are blogging to share knowledge and grow the Hyper-V community and that’s why I want to measure my influence by different counters. Of course the number of followers is one of the first counters I look at every day. It’s good to keep on seeing a steady growth and the magic number 1000 is approaching rapidly.

A relatively simple one is to just see some quick growth statistics. It predicts I will grow to 1015 followers in 15 days and 1800 in 172 days for instance.

One that I used right from the start is although their updates are very irregular. The idea is that you enter a number of keywords that describe your profile and calculates both your rank in number of Most followers for every keyword as well as Most Influential.


There’s also an easy way to check why your follower count goes down every now and then. If I have been very overenthusiastic, I lose 5 to 10 followers although they are mostly the ones who did not understand what Hyper-V was anyway. To check this I navigate to which can also show me all tweeps that I follow, but don’t follow back. So I can try and do something about it like “Hey! Please Follow me, I want to send you a DM” Knipogende emoticon



HP Integration Note for HP ProLiant and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Many of us have delayed installing Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 on HP ProLiant Servers until guidance from HP became available. While writing my blogpost Preparing for upgrading your Hyper-V R2 cluster to SP1 about two months ago I was unable to find any details. Searching for an updated BladeSystem Matrix Compatibility guide, I stumbled upon the long expected HP Integration Note: Implementing Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 on HP ProLiant and Integrity servers.



Another tool for managing Hyper-V Core-edition

In my post about Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core or Full version I wrote about some tools which you can use for managing a Hyper-V installation on Windows Server Core edition. Recently I read on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog an article about 5Nine Manager for Hyper-V. Another great and free tool for managing a Core edition or Hyper-V Server.

5Nine Manager for Hyper-V can be installed on a remote server and you can manage every version of Hyper-V through a graphical user interface. It’s possible to manage multiple Hyper-V servers from a single console view. With 5Nine Manager for Hyper-V it’s possible to:

  • Adding, removing, and editing virtual machines, virtual networks, and virtual disks
  • Viewing resource allocation and utilization of virtual machines
  • Full virtual machine snapshot management
  • Event viewing and searching
  • Hyper-V service management
  • Graphical user interface for exploring files and network shares

For more information check this link.

HP Technology@Work on Tour 2011 (part 3)


Looking back on the business day

It’s always difficult to contemplate when you are right in the middle of something. Now that I have returned from the Madrid edition of HP’s Technology@Work on Tour 2011, I had some time to think what was remarkable, promising, disappointing or difficult to grasp.

As an invited but independent industry blogger it is not directly my intention to make or break what was presented at the event. Some of the things I found remarkable have already been tweeted under the #HPTAW hashtag. In this blog I am happy to use more than 140 characters to further detail my observations.

Before I arrived I was fully aware that the first day of the event would focus on the business side and that the second day would have a more technical focus.

Although I have not counted, I estimated there were approximately 700 visitors on the first day. The second day of technical sessions attracted about 400 visitors. It was difficult to tell whether the visitors of the second day also attended on the first day, but my guess is that business and technically oriented people still don’t mix very well.



Carsten Rachfahl interviews Hans Vredevoort on Hyper-V and stuff

Last week @hypervserver (Carsten Rachfahl) visited me for an interview about topics around Microsoft Virtualization, the Hyper-V community, Hyper-V & System Center (Virtual Machine Manager 2012), Microsoft Software iSCSI target and the choice between Fibre Channel and iSCSI.

Carsten regularly interviews people in the IT industry, but this time it was his first time in English. Although a bit uneasy at first, he did a wonderful job and I never misunderstood his questions.

Before we realized it we had talked for 40 minutes without a break. Although I didn’t know what he was going to ask, they were all well within my field of competence.

Normally I always find it difficult to hear your own voice and see yourself on video. But when I finally convinced my self I had to watch it at least once, I must say I am quite pleased with the result. So here you have a chance of getting to know me a little better and hear about the things I am working on.

I’d like to thank Carsten for a very pleasant and positive experience!



HP Technology@Work on Tour 2011 (part 2)

Marc Payne, vice president Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking Iberia in his keynote explained the rationale behind what HP calls IT sprawl. Many datacenters have grown into extremely complex and difficult to modify infrastructures. Too many servers are still being used for only one purpose, built on top of a variety of storage devices, housing hundreds of applications, complicated by a horrible amount of cables of all sorts and with hardly any management software in place to make it at least look like a coherent system.

The same is beginning to apply to the home with an ever increasing number of devices all connected to the Internet: desktops, laptops, tablets, media centers, servers, phones and television sets, although you wouldn’t expect a system management in place for the home (yet). Wait till pets are starting to start Internet services.

What we do know is that al these billions of users require a lot of server, storage and network resources and that the datacenters are getting bigger and bigger.



HP Technology@Work on Tour 2011 (part 1)

I am at HP Technology@Work in Madrid and just before the start of the keynotes. Today will be a business oriented day around the main topics of the conference: Converged Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and specifically HP’s CloudSystem which is advertised as an integrated system to build, secure and manage hybrid cloud.

The keynote will be in three parts:

  • HP Converged Infrastructure – enabling your Instant-On Enterprise
  • Intel: Cloud Computing – from Vision to Action
  • HP CloudSystem: An integrated system to build, secure and manage hybrid cloud services

I am not sure if I can tweet a lot during the day because there very limited wireless internet at the IFEMA, Centro de Convenciones. The #HPTAW twitter hashtag hasn’t been communicated broadly and there is no sign of social media awareness, except for the team of bloggers who have now gathered in the speaking room getting ready for the event.

This afternoon we will have a podcast with Mark Payne, Director ESSN Alliances Europe Middle East & Africa.

You’ll hear more from me on this.


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