VSS Crash-Consistent vs Application-Consistent VSS Backups (1)

I can recommend an interesting 2-part series of blogs which helps you get a better understanding of the theory behind successful backups. In the first blog on Altaro’s Hyper-V blog, VSS Crash-Consistent Backups are compared to Application-Consistent VSS Backups.

When designing any IT solution, many administrators often consider “Backup” to be little more than another box on a long list of items to check off. They verify that the software and hardware they’re using will handle the load, configure it to back up on a reasonable schedule, and forget about it. Some will take the extra step of restoring some data to an alternate location as a test. Hardly any go through the full exercise of simulating an actual catastrophe. Most of the time, this practice is completely harmless. Unfortunately, if disaster does strike, there are often more questions than answers. Planning ahead is critical, and that involves knowing what sort of backup you need and if your backup application can provide it.


You can continue the article here:

Look out for the second part of this blog!

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