Dell Compellent and Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)

I just finished a remote support session for a customer in New York. My task was to check a Windows Server 2012 cluster using PowerEdge M620 blades with 4x10GbE connected to a Dell Compellent (6.3.1 firmware).

I just had a small window of opportunity to create a fixed sized VHDX (25GB and 250GB).

new-vhd -path C:ClusterStoragevolume125GB.vhdx -size 25GB –fixed

new-vhd -path C:ClusterStoragevolume2250GB.vhdx -size 250GB –fixed

Both completed in under 3 seconds. Wow!!! 

ODX in its purest form.

So let me reiterate my advice to new SAN array buyers. The first question you should ask your SAN vendor. Does it support ODX?  If the answer is negative or if they promise ODX in their next release, just tell them to take a hike and move on to a capable SAN vendor.



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