Some More Background on Windows Update KB2855336

Not very often do I remember a Windows Update KB article off the top of my head, but this time I have talked and written about KB2855336 so often that it was probably written into my short term read-cache..

If you have been careful and missed the first version of this update because you rather wait and see what others run into after Patch Tuesday, I must compliment your smartness!

This time I have an update on the update for you. First of all the rewritten version of the KB article and secondly a link to a blog of Microsoft’s Escalation Engineer, Rob Scheepens

The part of the July update rollup KB2855536 that corrects the AD corruption risk was KB2853952. The updated KB article, which is now titled “Loss of consistency with IDE-attached virtual hard disks when a Windows Server 2012-based Hyper-V host  server  experiences an unplanned restart”, can be found here: 

The blog by Rob Scheepens details a debug for the 0xD1 bug check after installing the first release of KB2855336: This blog refers to the source of the bug check while live migrating virtual machines:


In the past week we have not seen any problems after updating all clusters with the latest Windows Updates and hotfixes. So make sure you reserve some extra testing time when next Patch Tuesday arrives. Tell your boss you definitely need a test cluster to try these updates on first. I know of several customers who found about the 0xD1 STOP by first deploying the updates to their test clusters.


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