VConnect – A Windows Azure Pack Extension for VMware Hosts

While searching for new content for the Windows Azure Pack Wiki, I stumbled on a blog by RaviCK called Ravi’s Cloud 360o which pointed me to a video on how to integrate VMware hosts with Windows Azure Pack. In a recent project we integrated VMware hosts with Windows Azure Pack by means of Virtual Machine Manager and adding vCenter Servers and indirectly adding VMware hosts to a Microsoft Cloud. This approach has a few disadvantages because only standalone Virtual Machines can be deployed and Console Connect does not work for VMs deployed to VMware hosts. All the wealth of VMRole Gallery Items are lost in this solution.

So I was surprised to find that someone has actually written a custom extension for Windows Azure Pack called VConnect from Cloud Assert which brings VMware hypervisors to the platform. Administrators of Windows Azure Pack can now setup plans that provides Virtual Machine services based on VMware hosts.

VConnect is still in beta and only supports a few basic operations such as:

  • Adding a VSphere endpoint of a VMWare hypervisor server
  • Lists the Virtual Machines from all the added servers
  • Basic operations such as Power On, Power Off, Suspend and Reset VM
  • Connect to the VM via Remote Desktop (VMWare tools has to be installed on the VM)
  • Take a screenshot of the Virtual Machine screen
  • ShutDown, Standby and Reboot of Guest OS (VMWare tools has to be installed on the VM)

Take a look at the demo at


  1. April 19, 2014    

    Thanks for the post. We have now added support for VCenter and VM Templates. It makes it much simpler to support out of the box deployment scenarios. Let us know if you are interested in trying VConnect for Windows Azure Pack and integrate VMWare resources with Windows Azure Pack – we would love to hear your feedback.

  2. Sandesh Sandesh
    May 13, 2015    

    We have VM ware and now that we have to build WAP,is it possible to build a private Azure cloud with VM Ware. Also what are the components required for this complete setup. Please provide your inputs.


    • May 28, 2015    

      Hi Sandesh,
      I have tried this in one project last year but it was not a great success. VM Roles are not supported with VMWare for instance. There are extension from Cloud Connect that have VMware integration. In the light of the upcoming Azure Stack, you should forget about VMware. Full consistency between Azure and Azure Stack will require Hyper-V in Server 2016 as the hypervisor.

      Cheers, Hans

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