Windows Azure Pack – You must first register Service Management Automation on Resource Provider VM Clouds

During a recent Windows Azure Pack deployment at a customer site I encountered an issue with the registration of Service Management Automation. I have done the installation and configuration numerous times without issues before. I performed the same steps at this site and the registration of SMA completed successfully. But when I wanted to link a runbook to an action in the VM Clouds resource provider I was treated with the following surprise. As you can see in the screenshot, the resource provider Automation shows the 27 sample runbooks.

You must first register SMA

We seen some other interesting issues in this environment so I tied this inconsistency to the same list.

My fellow MVP Kristian Nese recently published a blogpost explaining how to re-register SPF in Windows Azure Pack. You can actually use the same cmdlets to unregister SMA (or other resource providers) as well. I unregistered the SMA endpoint on the Windows Azure Pack server with the following cmdlets.

$Credential = Get-Credential

$Token = Get-MgmtSvcToken -Type Windows –AuthenticationSite https://yourauthenticationsite:30072 -ClientRealm http://azureservices/AdminSite -User $Credential -DisableCertificateValidation

Get-MgmtSvcResourceProvider -AdminUri “https://localhost:30004″ -Token $Token -DisableCertificateValidation -name “Automation”

Remove-MgmtSvcResourceProvider -AdminUri “https://localhost:30004″ -Token $Token -DisableCertificateValidation -Name “Automation” -InstanceId “the instance ID you got from Get-MgmtSvcResourceProvider

When you verify the registration status in the admin portal after running the cmdlets you should be able to perform the registration again. I successfully registered the SMA endpoint again in the admin portal.

Register SMA

But the Automation tab in the VM Clouds presented the same surprise again. After poking around with some get- cmdlets and verifying it against a working environment I found a solution. The Service Provider Foundation database is unaware of the Service Management Endpoint. I’m still looking at the root cause, but you can use the some cmdlets on the SPF server to update the SPF database with the endpoint information.

If you encounter the issue described in this blog, make sure you have the SMA endpoint registered in Windows Azure Pack and run the following cmdlets on the SPF server.

import-module spfadmin

Get-SCSpfStamp | fl

$stamp = get-SCSpfStamp –name “Name of the Stamp you got from the Get-SCSpfStamp

New-SCSpfServer –name “IaasAutomation” –ServerType None –Stamps $stamp

$Server = Get-SCSpfServer –name “IaasAutomation”

New-SCSpfSetting –Name EndpointURL –SettingType EndpointconnectionString –Value “https://YourSmaEndpoint:9090/” –Server $Server

After a refresh the admin portal should now reflect the changes we made.

After SPF cmdlets

Yesterday I got a call from Darryl van der Peijl who was deploying a new lab environment and he encountered the exact same issue.If you also see this issue please add a comment to this blog or ping me on twitter @_marcvaneijk


  1. AJ AJ
    March 21, 2014    

    I ran into the same issue.

  2. The Bitland Prince The Bitland Prince
    June 4, 2014    

    That happened to me too, twice. If you go back to the cloud icon (that page which is usually skipped after first registration), it should report that SMA is not registered as well. If you click on its link, it will pre-fill right endpoint (and that text box is masked too) and if you click on check mark button, it will re-register endpoint.

    No PS needed, at least in my cases ;-)

  3. June 5, 2014    


    You will run into this issue if you dont configure SPF and SMA for Clouds in one go. It must be an UI issue.


  4. James James
    November 1, 2014    

    Hi, I wonder if you have any guidance on configuring SMA web services with load balancing. I have deployed 3 SMA web services servers and three runbook servers.

    I changed the URL in IIS to be a single URL and configure the load balancer.

    When I run get-smarunbookworkerdeployment and specify my new URL it returns the three runbook servers as expected.
    However, when I try to register SMA in azure pack specifying this single URL and port it says it cannot find the endpoint
    “Unable to connect to specified endpoint ‘https://smaweb.###.###.###:9090/'”

    Does something else need to be changed (in the database maybe) to make this work?

    • James James
      November 1, 2014    

      PS, I should confirm I also updated the certificates

      • James James
        November 1, 2014    

        Sorry, seems all I needed to do was reboot my SMA Web service servers :). Now resolved.

  5. James James
    November 3, 2014    

    Thanks Marc, after my previous comments I noticed I had this very same issue.

    SMA registration completed and Runbooks showing but got the same message ‘You must first register Service Management Automation on Resource Provider VM Clouds’

    Your solution resolved the issue.


  6. John Horne John Horne
    December 3, 2014    


    I can confirm this is still an issue with VMM / SPF UR4

    Has anyone logged this with Microsoft?



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