Hyper-V.nu event videos

Carsten Rachfahl en Jan Kappen were two of the many visitors of the Hyper-V.nu event on the 19th of January. But these guys have done a very good job during the event and especially afterwards. They’ve recorded all sessions and have done some nice video editing. You can view the results over here:

Keynote – by Jaap Wesselius and Peter Noorderijk

Windows Server 8 Hyper-V networking – by Aidan Finn

Windows Server 8 Hyper-V storage – by Hans Vredevoort

Windows Server 8 DDDD – by Ronald Beekelaar

SCVMM 2012 – by Maarten Wijsman


These videos are uploaded to the youtube Hypervcommunity channel from our German friends:



Again thanks for the really nice job!

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