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5nine Software announces complimentary 5nine Security for Microsoft Hyper-V with built-in Security and Compliance Scanner

5nine Software, the only vendor delivering management and agentless/host-based security and compliance products for Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V, has released a complimentary 5nine Security for Hyper-V with built-in 5nine Security and Compliance Scanner.



5nine security for Hyper-V support for R2 and some new products

In previous blogs I wrote about 5nine Security Manager for Hyper-V:

5nine Security for Hyper-V delivers a multi-layered Agentless Security solution including anti-virus, virtual firewall and intrusion detection (IDS).

Today 5nine announced full support for Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 release previews, as well as Hyper-V Server 2012 R2.

“As Microsoft continues to add more features and strong functionality to Windows Server and Windows 8, 5nine Software is committed to supporting these new operating system versions by delivering our comprehensive security solutions in step with the Microsoft product releases. We have already heard from dozens of our Windows Server clients that they will migrate to Windows Server 2012 R2 immediately upon its release, to take advantage of some key new features for virtualization. To best support Microsoft we want to be sure our products run on these new platforms the day they are released,” says Dr. Konstantin Malkov, CTO of 5nine Software.

There is a plugin available for SCVMM. You can download this plugin here:

Beside of this extended support they also introduced a new product called 5nine Security for Hyper-V Free. It gained full functionality of 5nine Security Manager Standard, which is out of their product line see: for more information.

Last but not least two new products are coming in the next few months (currently in beta):

In the coming few months we will test these products and will let you know what we think about these solutions.

5Nine Security Manager for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V part-2

My first plan was to write a two part blog article about 5Nine Security Manager. But because of some bugs in the firewall part of this solution I decide to split it up in three parts. In the first part I described a global overview and a look at the installation of 5Nine Security Manager for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Now it’s time to take a look at the antivirus solution.

Anti-virus/ Anti-mallware

We will first take a look at the anti-virus/ anti-mallware part of the solution. It sounds great that you didn’t have to install an agent inside a virtual machine and that the Hypervisor wil take care of this. Enabling the antivirus option is very simple:

image Open the menu ‘Settings’ and select ‘Antivirus’.
image You can select which VM’s you want to scan with 5Nine virusscanner.
image The extension tab allows you to configure which file type extension must be scanned or exclude from scanningUnfortunately it is not possible to exclude filepaths and this is a feature that is needed in an enterprise antivirus solution.

5Nine let me know that in one of the following versions this feature still will be added!

image And this is an interesting feature which I will explain a little bit more…


5Nine Security Manager for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V–part 1

In this two-part blog article we will take a look at 5Nine Security Manager for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. In the first part I will give a global overview and take a look at the installation of this product. In the second part we will take a look at the configuration of this interesting solution. So here we go…. Glimlach

In the ‘classic’ world of physical machines there’s in most cases a lot of attention for a secure server environment. People make their environment as secure as possible with firewalls, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus/ anti-malware protection. These products are working very well in the classic physical server environments.

However the world of IT is changing and virtualization of servers and devices has become common. Although we are using virtualization techniques for a couple of years now we are still using the security solution in the classic way by installing anti-virus/ anti-mallware agents in the virtual machine and try to controll VM traffic through a physical firewall.

These classic ways of securing the IT infrastructure are not efficient and cause unnecessary load inside the virtual machines. This can be fixed smarter, don’t you think so?

In Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Microsoft introduced the extensible virtual switch. The Hyper-V virtual switch is a software-based layer-2 network switch. With built-in support for Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS) filter drivers and Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) callout drivers, the Hyper-V virtual switch enables independent software vendors to create extensible plug-ins (known as Virtual Switch Extensions) that can provide enhanced networking and security capabilities.


Several announcements at MS TechEd 2011 in Atlanta

The first day of MS TechEd is a busy day for new product announcements. Just to recap a few:


5nine Software, innovative provider of Microsoft Hyper-V Data Management, Security and Compliance solutions for Virtual Datacenter environments, Cloud and VDI has announced today a Beta Preview Program for its 5nine Management and Security Suite for Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Providers.

5nine Suite includes new version 3.0 of 5nine Virtual Firewall for Hyper-V, 5nine ‘Easy V2V’ and Monitoring, High Availability Management and Backup Solutions designed primarily for Microsoft Hosting/Cloud Services Partners. 5nine Suite was specifically built to meet Major Management and Maintenance requirements of Hyper-V Cloud Providers, such as Scriptability, Scalability, with Data Center being a Management Unit (with up to 16- node Hyper-V clusters), in accordance with Microsoft DDC Alliance Best Practices


StarWind Software presents a free version of their iSCSI SAN solution:

  • Host operating systems: any modern Microsoft Windows OS is supported.
  • Works with all the leading Hypervisor vendors: VMware, Microsoft, VMware.
  • Data De-duplication (fully supported, variable block size). Data Deduplication is a specialized mechanism of data-reduction, reducing storage capacity requirements by eliminating duplicated data within and between files.
  • Unlimited storage capacity & Unlimited number of supported concurrent iSCSI connections.
  • Full Production use is allowed.
  • Support. Free version is covered with a basic support plan (an open public community forum). Support upgrades are available for paid per-incident plans or switching to any commercial version with extended functionality where an annual support plan is included.
  • Caching. StarWind has a multi-level cache mechanism implemented. The cache can use gigabytes of RAM and converts it into to extremely fast level 1 write-back or write-through cache, providing superior storage performance over many conventional SANs.
  • CDP (Continuous Data Protection) and Snapshots that are completely compatible with VSS (Volume Snapshot Services).
  • VTL (Virtual Tape Library) and WAN replication are offered as paid upgrade options.
  • iSCSI boot is fully supported with iSCSI boot capable NIC.

Further details at the website


Another tool for managing Hyper-V Core-edition

In my post about Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core or Full version I wrote about some tools which you can use for managing a Hyper-V installation on Windows Server Core edition. Recently I read on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog an article about 5Nine Manager for Hyper-V. Another great and free tool for managing a Core edition or Hyper-V Server.

5Nine Manager for Hyper-V can be installed on a remote server and you can manage every version of Hyper-V through a graphical user interface. It’s possible to manage multiple Hyper-V servers from a single console view. With 5Nine Manager for Hyper-V it’s possible to:

  • Adding, removing, and editing virtual machines, virtual networks, and virtual disks
  • Viewing resource allocation and utilization of virtual machines
  • Full virtual machine snapshot management
  • Event viewing and searching
  • Hyper-V service management
  • Graphical user interface for exploring files and network shares

For more information check this link.

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