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Understanding my social capital is quite fun to do

Those who follow me know that I am fairly active on Twitter and this blog. I decided to focus my blog very strictly around Microsoft Virtualization, Hyper-V, System Center, HP Server, Storage, Cluster and Cloud. On the other hand there is very little news about my personal life. Well maybe just the occasional exception to this rule. If I want to share something I use Facebook, but admittedly I use that sparingly. I also closed down my FourSquare account as I couldn’t think of a valid reason to use it, at least not for what I want to use social media for. There is one opportunity to get to know me a little better: the recent video interview with me by Carsten Rachfahl. We are also planning an interview with the entire team by the way.

A few blogs back I introduced a site called the Archivist which saves and analyzes tweets. It then visualizes them in pretty graphic representations.


We are blogging to share knowledge and grow the Hyper-V community and that’s why I want to measure my influence by different counters. Of course the number of followers is one of the first counters I look at every day. It’s good to keep on seeing a steady growth and the magic number 1000 is approaching rapidly.

A relatively simple one is to just see some quick growth statistics. It predicts I will grow to 1015 followers in 15 days and 1800 in 172 days for instance.

One that I used right from the start is although their updates are very irregular. The idea is that you enter a number of keywords that describe your profile and calculates both your rank in number of Most followers for every keyword as well as Most Influential.


There’s also an easy way to check why your follower count goes down every now and then. If I have been very overenthusiastic, I lose 5 to 10 followers although they are mostly the ones who did not understand what Hyper-V was anyway. To check this I navigate to which can also show me all tweeps that I follow, but don’t follow back. So I can try and do something about it like “Hey! Please Follow me, I want to send you a DM” Knipogende emoticon



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