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Jaap Wesselius interviews Hans Vredevoort on Windows 8

Just before //build/ NGN invited the crew over for a series of interviews. Jaap Wesselius who originally started the Hyper-V usergroup accepted the role of the interviewer. Peter Noorderijk, Maarten Wijsman and myself were asked to answer Jaap’s questions.  Before you start clicking the links …. the interviews are in Dutch, so unless you want to pick up a few words of our beautiful language, head over to some of the other interviews that fellow MVP Carsten Rachfahl held with me this year:

In one of the previous blog you might already have seen the link to the interview with Peter Noorderijk’s on Hyper-V:


Today also my interview was published on the site of our NGN friends:

Topics: Windows 8, Hyper-V v3, storage, networking, live storage migration, VMM 2012


We expect the 3rd interview by Jaap with Maarten Wijsman to be published in the near future.

Camera work and editing by Ed Wens

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