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Analysis of blog statistics

Exactly one year ago Jaap Wesselius and I decided to give our site a new look and we started to combine our blogs. On April 1st, Peter Noorderijk and Maarten Wijsman joined the team and started writing their blogs for  Jaap is primarily occupied with Exchange but writes an occasional blog. We all have busy jobs in IT and sometimes find it hard to find the time to not only do research but also write a good blog. Nevertheless we find blogging very rewarding.

Personally I have spent most of my time in the previous 8 months focusing on my new consultancy job at INOVATIV and writing my chapters for Microsoft Private Cloud Computing which will be released shortly after final release of System Center 2012. Expect the book to show up towards the end of May 2012. Now the majority of this work is finished I promise to start blogging again.

Even though our contributions have been minimal in the last few months, the site has received a very warm welcome from you. I am happy to share a few statistics with you.

In the past year attracted over 180,000 visitors responsible for just under 500,000 pageviews. In the last months alone we have attracted 30,000 visitors with an average of 1,000 visitors per day.

The team is very fortunate with this overwhelming interest from you. It is a sign that Hyper-V is picking up tremendously. Therefore – on behalf of the team – I’d like to thank you for your support!


Hyper-V and VMware Twitter Feed Analyzed using the Archivist

During an entertaining #mvpchat today, someone mentioned a Twitter statistics site called the Archivist. It is very easy to use and the graphics are very attractive. Just enter a keyword or hashtag. You can save up to three archives. Initially saved archives are private, but you can make them public too. I have not found a way to share my public archives yet.



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